ExitReality allows one to surf any Website in 3D

The software Exit Reality creates a 3D version of every standard website.

What is ExitReality?
ExitReality is a new technology that allows the threedimensional portrayal of the entire Internet. ExitReality adds a new dimension to the Internet by creating an instant 3D world from any web page. This new universe of inter-connected worlds includes thousands of innovative 3D places and games created over the past decade, and now ready to be explored. 

Founder and CEO of ExitReality Danny Stefanic explains the possibilities of this software in this video:

What can one do with this software?
It’s an opportunity for any Internet user to connect with friends, meet new people with the same interests, and create a virtual home. An easy decoration tool allows anyone to build a unique 3D version of their website or social network page. See them, wave to them and chat to them with 3D avatar multi-user chat. Thanks to Open standards, any 3D designer or business can create places and worlds that can be visited with ExitReality, as well as widgets, gadgets and other applications that can be used to decorate 3D web spaces.

"User’s would normally spend no longer than a couple of minutes on a 2D website. In a 3D environment, this time can extend to half an hour, which creates a huge potential for the website owner to maximise user engagement."

(Danny Stefanic)

How does it work?
Compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer abd Chrome Internet browsers, ExitReality includes a 3D search engine, which gives the user access to the biggest repository of 3D objects and worlds on the Internet. Download the ExitReality Internet browser and a button with the ExitReality logo appears on the browser. By clicking on this button, every 2D webpage is instantly transformed into a 3D place. ExitReality also allows users to decorate or customise their own 3D webspace with 3D objects. Drag-and-drop technology allows users to collect 3D objects they find across the web and add them into their own 3D webspace.


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