3D TV With Internet

What is 3D TV with internet?
3D TV is a new, emerging technology that employs stereoscopic techniques to give a television’s image depth. Achievement of 3D TV with polarized glasses has been around since the 1980s, but nowadays with the advent of more advanced technologies and the internet, 3D TV is quickly becoming one of the most fully immersive cyberspace entertainment systems available.

Most people who opt to buy one of these amazing televisions do so for their love of sports. In earlier times, many a wealthy weekend warrior could be seen huddled around his three dimensional television with a pair of polarized glasses, cheering on his favorite team, as if he were right there in the stands. Now, things are much the same, however advancements in lens and projection technologies have eliminated the need for the glasses, and for this reason 3D TVs are becoming increasingly popular. Coupled with a quality surround sound system, a 3D TV sports broadcast can actually be better than going to the game itself, because it can be enjoyed (and even paused) from the comfort of your own home.

Influences on video games.
The combination of the internet with this television technology has also completely transformed the world of video gaming. First person shooter games are particularly suited to three dimensional technologies, as they really make players feel like they are inside of the game. With internet capability, a 3D television can instantly connect thousands of such users and can do very well in simulating what many call a ‘virtual war.’ It’s not just the violent shooting games, though, that benefit from 3D TV with internet. Much like those drawn to professional spectator sports, those who enjoy simulating such sports find that 2D TV just doesn’t cut it anymore. Adding depth perception to a virtual athletic pursuit changes the game completely, and pushes skill levels required to a whole new level.

What are the implications of 3D TV combined with the internet?
The emergence of 3D TV with internet has many implications. Even business professionals are now taking advantage of this technology, by combining it with computer conference calls to create a more realistic conference experience. Educators have also recognized the potential of this new technology, particularly those involved in Engineering and Science. 3D modeling on a 2D monitor has long been a source of frustration for many designers and engineers. Three Dimensional Design and Analysis has now reached the point where it is both extremely effective and affordable, making it a popular choice for educational facilities and engineering firms alike.

The future of 3D TV is even more exciting.
Sci-fi enthusiasts have long speculated of a future with fully immersive holographic virtual reality technology, and it doesn’t take much of a speculative leap to get to such a future from the present day existence of three dimensional televisions. Today, 3D TV users the world around can connect instantaneously through the internet. Tomorrow, it may be 3D holographic projections of these users in other user’s offices and homes that do the interacting. Such developments will no doubt change the entire nature of human socialization in a multitude of ways.

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